Traditionally to determine the state of the Temporo Mandibular Joints (TMJ’s) a dentist would rely on the patient’s history, palpation of the joints, listening to the joints with a stethoscope or x-rays.

Now there is a more accurate way called Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA). This equipment records the vibration of the hard and soft tissues within the joints during motion. All other images such as MRI’s or X-Rays are only static pictures of the joints in certain positions.

Different disorders produce different vibration patterns or “signatures.” By using computer enhancement of the joint vibrations the dentist can interpret these patterns and distinguish what is happening within the patient’s joints by comparing the patient’s pattern to known standards.

The JVA test is very easy for the patient as all it involves is placing special headphones over the TMJ’s and asking the patient to open and close their jaw.

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