Dental Check Up

The starting point to the finest dental care is a comprehensive and thorough examination.

A complete dental examination is conducted for you at every visit, making sure that you know the exact condition of your oral health. The foundational part of preventive care is that we can identify any possible problems in enough time to rectify them – before they become painful and costly problems.

Dental check-up and examination

A comprehensive and thorough examination is the starting point to the finest dental care at Island Dental.

We use a 28 point checklist to ensure a complete dental examination is performed so that together we will know exactly where we stand with your oral health.

How to avoid future dental problems

This comprehensive examination establishes a baseline of where you are with your oral health. If there are any changes or gum disease progression we can monitor it to ensure major dental problems are avoided or minimised.

No unnecessary dental suprises

Together we know the exact condition of your oral health at each appointment. You will receive a lifelong dental health plan to meet both your immediate and future needs. At each decision point, we arm you with all the information so that you can choose the path that best suits your needs.

The control of your dental health lies squarely with the person it most effects: YOU!

What is involved in a dental check-up at Island Dental?

A dental check up and comprehensive exam involves more than just looking at your teeth. At each check-up we examine:

Our dental team utilise the most modern and up to date technology including Diagnodent, an Intraoral camera, Digital X-rays and Velscope to help us accomplish this thorough examination.

Why are dental exams so important?

Studies have shown a strong connection between our oral health and our general well being. Often the signs and symptoms of your general wellbeing can be seen in your mouth, offering us clues as to how we can best help you achieve optimal health. For example assessing your occlusion (“bite”) and your airways might give us information to help improve your night time sleep quality.

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Benefits of a Comprehensive Dental Examination

Dental planning in partnership

Our comprehensive examination allows us to work with you in developing a master plan for your dental treatment. You then have the freedom to schedule your time, plan your budget, and work with your insurance provider to accomplish your goals. Our preventive dental treatments also include:

Helping you to keep your own teeth

Many dental problems are like heart disease: it is only when they have reached an advanced stage that you will notice it. Just because you don’t feel any pain it doesn’t mean that your teeth are healthy.

A comprehensive dental check-up and examination will accurately establish your level of oral health and allow you to resolve problems sooner rather than later, when it may just be too late!

An affordable approach to dentistry

Regular ongoing dental care works out to be more cost-effective in the long run than crisis management of dental problems.

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