Cosmetic Gum Contouring

Cosmetic contouring is a reshaping procedure that can be used to change the irregular appearance of teeth or gums, repair fractured or worn teeth due to accidents or habitual grinding.

Contouring can also be used to remove any isolated tooth surface staining.

An affordable cosmetic dentistry solution

Cosmetic Contouring is an easy and affordable cosmetic dentistry technique. It is the procedure of choice for patients with only minor tooth irregularities.

Teeth and gum contouring options

Contouring can correct the soft tissues (gums) and their contours, making your smile more symmetrical and harmonious with your teeth and lips. This can help give your teeth a ‘lift’ and correct their ideal proportions.

Initial cosmetic consultation

If you are considering cosmetic contouring or any of our other cosmetic dentistry treatments call us on (08) 8449 9777 to schedule your initial cosmetic consultation.
In this consultation we will assess your suitability and expected results, the costs to contour your teeth and costs for alternative cosmetic treatments that may be suitable.

Before and After Cosmetic Contouring

Gum tissue contouring can solve these smile inconsistencies. Our Adelaide dentists will be happy to explain this procedure and how we can help.

Gum Contouring: What is a gummy smile?

A beautiful smile involves more than just teeth. Your gums are critical to your overall smile and its balance. Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look too short, or the lack of gum tissue can make your teeth look too long or produce unsightly dark triangles or gaps at the gum line.

Want to know more about Cosmetic Contouring and alternatives?

If you are considering contouring or another cosmetic dentistry alternatives to fix irregularities in your teeth then, we can take you through the procedure of contouring and other cosmetic dentistry alternatives. Book your initial cosmetic consultation by calling Island Dental on (08) 8449 9777.

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