Emergency Dentist – West Lakes Adelaide

Whether it’s a nagging doubt or the horror of an accident, Island Dental is here to provide you with a high standard of emergency care!

Emergency Dentist Adelaide: Dental pain, toothache or accident?

We are open 6 days a week and make it a priority in our daily schedule to see patients in the case of a genuine emergency. Call our office on (08) 8449 9777 to see how we can help in your dental emergency.

Read more about some of our emergency dental treatments:

What do we consider a dental emergency?

A dental emergency might be any of the following:

In all cases of dental emergency we recommend you get advice from a dentist immediately.

If you loose your tooth in a trauma, place it back in the socket it came out of or inside your cheek and call us straight away – if you are seen in time then we may be able to save.

Post-Operative Instructions to Patients Regarding Oral Surgery

It is important that you carefully read and adhere to the following postoperative instructions.


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