About Us

We aim to exceed your expectations by offering a non-traditional dental environment focused on the individual patient.

Island Dental is proud to welcome you to our practice

Much like fingerprints, no two teeth are ever alike. 

The same could also be said about any person who walks into our practice – and we know this better than anyone.

Our focus on providing the very best dental treatments individualised to meet your unique oral health needs. We want to exceed your expectations each and every time you visit us.

A tranquil pleasure

With your comfort in mind, we have created an oasison the banks of a beautiful pond:

  • A vista where tranquility and beauty are paramount;
  • Where a patient’s dental anxiety and stresses can easily melt away; and
  • Visiting the dentist becomes a pleasurable experience;

Treatments tailored to your wellbeing

A committed team makes the difference

We are proud of our exceptional team, carefully handpicked from some of the best dental practitioners in South Australia, Australia and beyond – they are our most valuable resource.

As a team we are committed to ongoing professional development, which translates into a level of diligence second to none, and feeds their determination to provide you with a superior standard of personalised care.

Island Dental is proud of our world-class Administrative Team, knowing that it is their diligence that lays the foundation for us to provide you with a superior level of care.

Modern dental technologies

Island Dental is unwavering in our resolve to remain on the forefront of new dental technology, and we continue to incorporate cutting-edge dental advances into all our treatments.

Whether it is cosmetic dentistry or preventative treatments, our team is focused on helping you to achieve your optimal level of dental health.

A dentist of the future – right here in West Lakes, Adelaide

From the comfort of your dental chair you can enjoy TV or a DVD, your favourite CD or listen to the radios, all through the comfort of headphones.

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