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The correct bite

The correct bite and TMJ

Traditionally, to find the correct bite dentists would focus on the teeth and TMJ joints whilst ignoring the role of the muscles and associated structures.

It was believed that there is an ideal reproducible position for the TMJ Joints that the dentist could guide the patient into and then treat the teeth to produce an ‘ideal bite’. This belief included the idea that all other components of the system, ie the ligaments, muscles and nerves, would accommodate and adapt to this new and correct bite.

That was until Neuromuscular Dentistry

Now there is a better way. Neuromuscular Dentistry emphasises the need to establish a bite that is based on the muscles that move the jaw rather than the position of the teeth as they come together. Neuromuscular Dentistry recognises that the muscles that move the jaw must be in a comfortable, relaxed position so that they don’t conflict with the teeth and temporo mandibular joints.

The first step in Neuoromuscular Dentistry is to find the optimal position of the jaw where the muscles of the neck and head are relaxed and at rest. In this position, the muscles will heal, pain trigger points will go away and joints will heal.

Achieving Bite Harmony

Once the temporo mandibular joints (TMJ) are in a physiologically comfortable resting position, the interrelationship and function of the joints, muscles, bones and teeth is at its best.

The comfortable position of the TMJ is guided by the muscles and stablised by the biting position of the upper and lower teeth. Harmony of the teeth, the facial, head and neck muscles and the TMJ is restored.

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