Smile – You’re on TV!

Advances in modern video camera equipment in dentistry now means that we can use a very small video to show you exactly what is happening inside your own mouth.

Intra-oral Camera
Smile – You’re on TV!

With a camera about the size of a pen, called an “Intra-oral camera”, our dentist or hygienist can film your teeth or mouth and present it as an image on a TV monitor magnified 10 – 40 times natural size.

Dental excellence: technology for education and diagnosis

The intra-oral camera allows better communication and greater understanding of any problems that a patient may have. It also allows us to take pictures of your teeth to monitor how they change from one appointment to the next – helping us to pick up any dangerous changes.

Technology that puts you in control

This fantastic piece of dental technology means you can now make educated decisions regarding your dental treatment. To see the Intra-oral camera in action for yourself book your next dental appointment at Island Dental in West Lakes, Adelaide on (08) 8449 9777.

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