strategies to supercharge your smile

6 Strategies to Supercharge your Smile

Are you happy with your smile, or would you like to give it a boost?

Maybe you’re embarrassed by imperfections, or maybe you’d just like to improve the overall look of your teeth and mouth.

Whatever the reason, here are six ways to improve your smile.

1.  Whitening

Whiter teeth make you look younger and fresher. In fact, one study indicated that white teeth may even make you more employable.

Teeth naturally discolour as we age so if you want to give your smile a boost, and look a little younger, tooth whitening might be the answer. It’s always best to discuss this with your dentist as some over-the-counter whitening products can damage your teeth.

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2.  Covering Up

If you have teeth that are discoloured or badly shaped, a crown (or ‘cap’) may be the answer. Crowns are placed over a tooth to make it tooth stronger or to improve the way it looks.

Another way to cover your existing teeth is with veneers. These are thin shells crafted to cover the front side of your teeth. They are based on a model of your mouth and so they look like your natural teeth.

3.  Anti-Ageing

If you wish you could look like a healthier, more relaxed and revitalised version of yourself, then botox and dermal fillers may be the answer. These treatments can help reduce crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines as well as treat dental problems like gummy smiles, teeth grinding and TMJ dysfunction.

They can help you turn back time, and perfectly frame your beautiful teeth.

4.  Straightening

Straightening crooked teeth can be done in a number of different ways, but it doesn’t have to take months. Instant orthodontics can give you straight teeth in as little as a week!

And even if your best option is to straighten your teeth with braces, they don’t have to be the “train track” metal ones. Invisalign are wireless aligners that are clear, so people barely notice them. They can give great results that give you a real reason to smile.

5.  Remodelling

If you feel your teeth or gums have an irregular appearance, contouring may be the answer.laugh bursts

Cosmetic contouring is a reshaping procedure that can give a more regular appearance to teeth or gums, repair fractured or worn teeth, or remove surface staining.

6.  Cleaning

It may seem simple, but brushing and flossing twice a day is the most important way to keep your smile looking fresh and clean. Along with regular visits to your dentist, you’ll prevent cavities and improve your oral health.

Take Steps To Supercharge Your Smile

If you’re keen to improve your smile, the first step is to have a consultation to decide which option may be right for your smile makeover. We are specially trained to offer leading edge cosmetic treatment to ensure you are smiling with confidence.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a smile you’re proud to show off!


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