Our outstanding Dental Assistants are an invaluable part of the superb dental team we have assembled at Island Dental, all experienced in offering a wide range of services.

Each Dental Assistant works closely with our Dentists at all stages throughout your dental treatment. They are focused on your oral health care and wellbeing, with strong attention to detail, ensuring your comfort throughout your visit.

Our Dental Assistants
Michelle, Marcia, Emily, Debbie, Renee, Branka, Ripley, Grace and Mirianna

Your “Comfort Managers”

It’s not very often you get to enjoy your very own ‘comfort manager’ but at Island Dental, our dental assistants are completely dedicated to ensuring you are comfortable and at ease throughout your visit.

Our Dental Assistants pride themselves on ensuring that your experience at Island Dental is uniquely serene and relaxed, and that you will look forward to visiting us again and again.

Please contact us online or call on (08) 8449 9777 to book your next dental appointment.

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