Kids Orthodontics: An investment in their future

We work with you and your children from their early teens, using cutting edge orthodontic technology to ensure that your child’s teeth develop well into their adult life. This includes:

  • Straight teeth that are well aligned to each other and the jaw
  • Functional in terms of how the child bites and so that it doesn’t affect their speech
  • Aesthetically attractive smile which is functional and confidence boosting!
  • Tooth alignment that prevents disease and discomfort in early and later life

Braces Adelaide: The cause of a lot of worry for parents and children alike

We understand that as a parent, you worry about your child’s teeth. “Will they need Orthodontics, what type of braces and when would be best for them, how will it affect their confidence and, of course, how much will it all cost?.”

Here is a great place to take a deep breath…

There is no point worrying about these questions, until you know what you are actually dealing with. The first best step is to make an appointment, look at your child’s teeth, discuss with us your concerns and also listen to any fears that your child may have.


From here we can have a frank and open discussion about when work is likely to be needed, what we all might consider as “nice to have” and “need to have”, options and alternatives, and the costs associated with all of this. Throughout these discussions we will ensure you are happy in both the short and long term.

Braces and Orthodontics as a partnership investment

There is no doubt about the fact that braces and Orthodontics is a partnership investment between the child, parent and dentist.

It is vitally important that your child or teenager is “on-board” with the treatment from the start as their compliance throughout treatment is key to us all getting the best results in the shortest treatment time, and ensuring that the outcomes last well into their adult life.

Correcting your child’s bite and growth patterns are very important to prevent undesirable facial proportions, poor bite, as well as bad tongue and lip habits and speech problems. This is the foundation to a beautiful face and smile.

Contact us to arrange your Orthodontic consultation today

We are proud that using Island Dental’s advanced techniques, we can ensure that no child is left behind or be without the perfect smile! Book your child’s individual Orthodontic consultation and assessment with Island Dental in West Lakes in Adelaide on (08) 8449 9777 or contact us online.

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