straight smile without metal braces

How to Get a Fabulous Straight Smile Without Metal Braces

Sound perfect, doesn’t it?

Modern dentistry means that you can have straighter teeth without a lot of metal in your mouth. Not only that, the braces are removable and nearly invisible.

These benefits come to you courtesy of a unique system called Invisalign, which we offer at Island Dental of Adelaide. Many people find them perfect, but they’re not for everyone.

What’s Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is based on a radically different concept compared to traditional braces. The “braces” are actually clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth.

You wear the aligner for about 20 to 22 hours a day and every couple of weeks you put in a new aligner. Each aligner is slightly different to allow the teeth to move slowly and predictably into the correct position.

First Steps

An Invisalign aligner is created using special 3-D computer software from impressions (scans) the dentist makes from your mouth and teeth. The dentist creates a treatment plan based on your situation to determine just how much tooth movement is required, and roughly how long the treatment should take.

The aligner design is based on this information. You’ll have a series of custom-fitted aligners and each is slightly different to gradually move your teeth into position.

Invisalign Advantages

One of the most important advantages of Invisalign is the removable aligner. The aligner can be removed for meals, oral hygiene, sports or a special occasion.

Conventional braces are notorious for trapping food particles that can promote tooth decay. You won’t have that problem with Invisalign’s removable aligners.

Another advantage is that the clear plastic is pretty much invisible – most people will be unaware it’s even in your mouth.

Other Issues

Treatment time depends on the individual and may range from a few months to over one year for adults, and two years for teens. This is similar to the time required for conventional braces.

You need fewer appointments with the Invisalign system as you don’t need to go in to have your braces adjusted. You’ll need to wear a retainer after the treatment is complete to help your teeth stay in the new positions.

Invisalign Challenges

Invisalign sounds perfect and is usually comparable in cost to regular braces. So why do some people still prefer to wear metal braces?

Well, the Invisalign system has a few challenges. You may need to alter your diet to avoid or limit items that can damage or stain your aligners and teeth.

Hot drinks can warp the aligners and many drinks can stain them.

You need to take your aligners out to eat, and you need to clean your teeth before putting your aligners back in after eating. That means after every meal!

So, Invisalign requires discipline and generally, the system is best suited to people who are disciplined in other aspects of their life.

Invisalign can give you a fabulous straight smile but it may not be the best solution for you. If you’d like to explore the options that will suit you best, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you along your journey of achieving straighter teeth!

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