White straight teeth in just two visits

If you are looking to straighten your teeth in just two visits, 5 days apart, compared to time in braces then instant orthodontics might be just what you are looking for.

The Instant Orthodontics procedure involves placing porcelain veneers on the teeth we want to straighten. You will see from our “Before and After” photos that the end results are truly amazing…and all it takes is two visits.

Initial cosmetic dental consult
If you are considering braces, orthodontics or any of our other cosmetic dentistry treatments call us on (08) 8449 9777 to schedule your initial cosmetic consultation.
In this consultation we will assess your suitability and expected results, the costs to straighten your teeth and costs for alternative cosmetic treatments, including expected treatment lifetime.

Instant Orthodontics are just one of the cosmetic dentistry options available to patients that have crooked or stained teeth. Instant Orthodontics are a great way to get straight teeth quickly.

Before and After Instant Orthodontics

Straight teeth Adelaide at Island Dental
Instant Orthodontics are a great way to straighten teeth quickly without braces.

Straight teeth Adelaide: Want to know more about Instant Orthodontics and cosmetic alternatives?

If you are considering instant orthodontics, porcelain veneers or other alternatives to get straight teeth, Adelaide’s Island Dental can take you through the cost of instant orthodontics and your cosmetic dentistry alternatives.

Book an initial cosmetic consultation by calling us on (08) 8449 9777.

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