Dental check-up and examination

A comprehensive and thorough examination is the starting point to the finest dental care at Island Dental. We use a 28 point checklist to ensure a complete dental examination is performed so that together we will know exactly where we stand with your oral health.

What is involved in a dental check-up at Island Dental?

Dental check ups with Adelaide Dentist Island Dental are a great way to keep your smile healthy
Dental check ups are the best way to avoid painful and costly dental problems from developing.

A dental check up and comprehensive exam involves more than just looking at your teeth. At each check-up we examine:

  • the hard and soft tissues of your head and neck
  • the temporomandibular joints (TMJs)
  • and perform an oral cancer check

Our dental team utilise the most modern and up to date technology including Diagnodent, an Intraoral camera, Digital X-rays and Velscope to help us accomplish this thorough examination.

Why are dental exams so important?

Studies have shown a strong connection between our oral health and our general well being. Often the signs and symptoms of your general wellbeing can be seen in your mouth, offering us clues as to how we can best help you achieve optimal health. For example assessing your occlusion (“bite”) and your airways might give us information to help improve your night time sleep quality.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Dental Examination

  • Avoid Future Cost and Pain: A comprehensive examination establishes a baseline of where you are at with your oral health. If there is a change or a progression of disease we can monitor it. Major dental problems (including pain and cost) can be avoided or minimised.
  • No Unnecessary Surprises: We know exactly the condition of your dental health and together agree a lifelong dental health plan to meet your immediate needs and your future needs. Your decisions are based on solid fact and information meaning you are in control of your dental health.
  • Planning: A comprehensive examination allows both you and us to develop a master plan for your dental treatment. In this way, you can schedule your time, plan your budget and work with your dental insurance cover (if applicable) to accomplish your aims.
  • Keeping your teeth for life: Dental disease is like heart disease – only when it reaches an advanced stage will you notice it. Just because you don’t feel any pain, doesn’t mean you are dentally healthy. A comprehensive examination will establish your oral health and repair problems early.
  • Its Cheaper: Regular dental care works out far cheaper and easier in the long run than dental crisis management of dental problems that can become complex, painful, costly and unpredictable.

Call Island Dental in Adelaide for your next dental check up

It is far healthier and cheaper over time to maintain your teeth and gums and prevent dental problems before they happen. Call our friendly team at Island Dental West Lakes in Adelaide on (08) 8449 9777 to book your next dental check up and dental exam.

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