What is composite bonding?

If you have just a small bit of decay in your tooth, your dentist may repair it with a “white filling” made from the latest, tooth-coloured composite resin. But did you know that this same material can be used for cosmetic improvements to teeth in a simple procedure called composite bonding?

Find out more about composite bonding
If you are interestedin  composite bonding and how it can be used to enhance the appearance of your smile or teeth then see before and after photos in the Composite Bonding treatment page under our Cosmetic dentistry treatments.
Because composite resin is a close match to your tooth’s natural colour, many dentists like using it to fix teeth (especially in your “smile line”) that are:

  • Chipped or broken
  • Uneven
  • Discoloured
  • Look gappy
  • Need to appear longer

Why do we use composite resin at Island Dental?

Before CERECAt our practice, we use composite resin as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings such as mercury and silver because it’s:

  • Tooth-coloured, so it looks better
  • Durable and can be bonded to the tooth structure, providing support and strength for the restored tooth

How does the dentist put on the composite resin?

The technique for composite bonding is much the same as when the dentist uses this material to fix a hole in your tooth. To do this, they will:

  • Roughen the surface of your tooth to make it easier for the bonding material to hold to it
  • Put on the bonding material (composite resin) and shape it, so it looks like your own natural tooth
  • Use a high frequency light to harden the material
  • Polish the restoration so it looks life like.

How will I know if composite bonding is right for me?

It will depend on the size of the tooth area that needs to be fixed or restored. Composite bonding is more suitable for small to mid-sized tooth restorations, so if the size to be filled is greater than 40%-50% of the biting surface of the tooth, then a porcelain inlay or onlay may be a better choice.

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