The adults of today have dental memories of scary drill noises, uncomfortable and painful extractions or fillings, and dental surgeries that have a horrible smell that comes home with you. Just one visit to Island Dental will help to erase those horrible memories from your mind!

Dentistry today is much more than just “filling” teeth. Your mouth is the mirror of your general health so we must treat the whole person not just their mouth.

Modern dentistry offers so much more

Your mouth is the mirror of your general health, with research showing links between dental health and other conditions such as heart disease. Not only does good oral health help with your overall health, the dental treatments we offer will positively impact your self-esteem, self-confidence and quality of life.

Adult dental care AdelaideOur adult dental care includes:

It has been clinically proven that inadequate oral health and imbalance can have severe implications on the rest of your body and your physical well-being, so at Island Dental we are proud to present an extensive array of dental services that seek to prevent gum disease, maintain oral health, and restore a natural look and function to your mouth.

The treatments we offer are comprehensive, thorough, cutting-edge and proven

Whether you are looking to have a dental check-up or seeking to improve your smile, our team of dedicated professionals are trained in the very latest holistic techniques. Enjoy the latest modern dentistry has to offer whilst putting any dental fears to rest with our gentle and caring clinicians in the serenity of our lakeside treatment rooms.

Our dedication to the latest techniques and treatments means that your visit to Island Dental isn’t just a temporary stop-gap for problems. Island Dental is dedicated to providing patients with the best oral health planning and our commitment to the latest dental techniques and treatment options.

To book your check-up or treatment call our friendly dental admin team on (08) 8449 9777 or contact us online to arrange a convenient time.

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