gifts to give yourself for Christmas

What About You? 6 Life-Changing Gifts to Give Yourself for Christmas

There’s so much to do to prepare for Christmas that it’s easy to forget yourself – but you deserve a little pampering too!

What better gift can you give yourself and your loved-ones than better health?

Improving your health usually comes at a price, right? There’s a lot of effort involved.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of life-changing gifts to give yourself for Christmas. They’ll make it easier to create a healthier, happier, more revitalised you.

And that’s the best gift in the world.

WorkoutLabs cards

1.  A Better Body

Workout anywhere, anytime without equipment with exercise cards from WorkoutLabs.

There are women’s and men’s versions of both bodyweight and yoga workouts.

The cards are made from high quality durable and waterproof plastic so they will last for years in all conditions.



strategies to supercharge your smile2. Increased Confidence

What better way to boost your confidence than with a dazzling white smile? Patients in our practice who have dental whitening don’t just have a better smile, they report increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

We tailor our treatments to your specific dental needs to ensure great outcomes without damaging your teeth. Contact us so we can assess your needs and discuss your options and expected outcomes.


3. A Healthier Lifestyle

fitbit-flex-2-and-accessoriesCreate a healthier lifestyle with the help of a Fitbit Flex 2.

Fitbit Flex 2 is waterproof so you can wear it swimming, it tracks your movements and gives you reminders to move so you stay active throughout the day.

It automatically tracks how long and how well you sleep and you can set sleep goals and bedtime reminders to form good habits. You can even wake up peacefully with a silent alarm.

Oh, and with a range of accessories, you’ll look good on every occasion too. 


Andrew Johnson24. A Little Relaxation

Feeling a little tense – and who isn’t in this crazy-busy world of ours? We have the solution … or rather Andrew Johnson has the solution.

He has a great range of apps to help you relax and create a healthier lifestyle. His soothing, Scottish voice will have you sleeping better, thinking positive, breaking bad habits or kicking stress to the kerb.


5. A Revitalised AppearanceYoung woman getting cosmetic injection of botox over gray background. Looking at camera

Want a healthier, more relaxed, revitalised version of yourself? You can get an amazing transformation that will give you a natural, fresh look – fast, using botox and dermal fillers.

You may be surprised to learn that Dentists have more training in cranial and facial anatomy than just about any other healthcare professional who offers these services.


Philips sonicare
6. A Sunnier Smile

Sonicare’s first twin DiamondClean electric toothbrush and AirFloss ultra pack will ensure you have a super sparkly smile. The new triple shot action of the AirFloss is reported to be as effective as dental floss without the hassle.

The toothbrush has 5 brushing modes including clean, white, polish, gum care and sensitive so there’s something for everyone. A chic way to brush twice a day and a great way to maintain your teeth between dental visits.


Give Yourself the Gift of Health

Looking good and feeling good are intertwined. When you look good you feel good and everyone can see you shine.

You radiate health and happiness, which makes those around you happier too.

So give yourself the gift of looking and feeling your best. You deserve it.

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