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5 Surprising Reasons for a Stylish Smile Makeover

It’s not just about looking pretty.

Many people think that straightening your teeth is purely for looks, and straight teeth certainly give you a stylish smile. They are also easier to keep clean so you’re less likely to end up with cavities, gum disease and other nasties.

But there are several other reasons why you might want a smile makeover, including a number of health benefits you might not have realised.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the reasons for a smile makeover. Take a look. It might surprise you.

1.  Increased Success

Maybe you already know that great teeth can make you look younger, but they may also make you more successful and more attractive.

A study of over 2,000 Brits revealed that a third of men think “ …white teeth demonstrate wealth and status, and it also doubles the perception you have been privately educated or gone to university.

So a smile makeover can bring increased success!

OD2.  Fewer Headaches

When your teeth aren’t aligned it can lead to bad bites and even teeth grinding, and both of these issues contribute to headaches and temporomandibular disorders such as jaw pain, neck aches and facial pain.

Correcting the alignment and straightening the teeth can alleviate these issues.

3.  Better Digestion

Chewing is the first step in proper digestion and poorly aligned teeth compromise your ability to chew properly.

When you chew you produce saliva that carries enzymes that help break down your food. This makes it easier for your stomach and intestines to do their job.

Some patients report greater enjoyment of their food once their teeth are better aligned.

4.  Clearer Speech

If you have a gap between your teeth you may find you whistle a little when you say certain words like ‘fan’ or ‘van’. You may even have trouble pronouncing certain words clearly.

Straightening teeth can help reduce these symptoms which in turn boosts confidence – and everyone can do with a little more of that.

5.  Increased Happiness

Our brain pays attention to what our body is doing, and it affects our emotions. Scientists first called this the ‘facial feedback hypothesis’ and we now know that even faking a smile can improve your mood and reduce stress.

And when we have straighter teeth we’re more likely to smile and laugh unselfconsciously.


Laughter is vacationA Beautiful Smile = A Beautiful Life

A beautiful smile really can improve almost every aspect of your life. It can boost your success, reduce headaches, and increase your happiness.

Who doesn’t want those benefits?

If you’re ready to supercharge your smile contact us for an appointment.

We love helping people improve their smile.

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